Summer Night Routine

Summer, summer, summer… We are waiting for you all year long. When you are finally there, with your warm weather, your sun so bright and this feeling it’s vacation soon, one thing seems to be important : how will I take care of my skin? 

Personally, I don’t use a lot of product or a lot of make-up during summer. It is time to let my skin take a deep breath before the fall. So, I use mainly treatment product, against all the impacts the sun could have on my skin. I use products against the skin aging, against wrinkles and very moisturizing products.

I let you discover my night routine for this year, all come from french brand. You can click on the link to find the website where there are selling 🙂

Foremost, here is my night cream. I think it is the most important step of my night routine. If I had to choose only one product it will be this one. This cream helps the skin to fight against oxidative stress, it is also anti-aging, hydrating and refreshing. I am assure you the results are visible the next morning. Your skin seems smooth and shiny. Just flawless.

Night moisturising cream

I don’t use the following product every day, I use it only if I exposed my skin on the sun. It is an after-sun face lotion. You can use this lotion on your body as well but I prefer use it only on my face. This lotion repairs, hydrates and helps to prolong your tan. I like to blend it with a bit of hydrating serum for more moisturizing.

Refreshing after-sun lotion
Refreshing after-sun lotion

I also use an eye cream every night. It is a basic, all woman would have an eye cream. It is better because the under eyes skin is more thin and delicate. This one is also anti-aging because I start to have little (very little) wrinkles 😦

Bio eye contour care

A bit of cream is enough for both eyes and it is an organic made product.

Bio eye contour care

The last product is my lip balm of course! My last beauty act of my night routine. This one is made with shea butter, but it is easy to apply on the lips. It is the perfect lip balm for summer. Light and hydrating.

Shea Butter lip balm
Shea butter lip balm

Don’t foget to take a look on my portfolio for more pictures 😉

By A. de Villepin


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