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Hi there!

After I passed my degree in digital marketing, I worked for many companies as digital project manager.

But, all those jobs didn’t give me a real sense of fulfilment. I knew that it wasn’t for me to work for a big company on project I didn’t really create by myself.

So, when my husband found a new job in Mauritius, I felt that it was time for me to create what I always wanted and to do something for my own blossoming.

I started this blog because it is the easiest way to share with people a way of life, some ideas, tips, pictures but also my belief and motivation.

My husband and I love travelling, we already lived in South Africa, Spain, Italy and travelled in many countries, that’s why I believe I can share positivity and experience with you. I also love fashion, beauty as a lot of girls in this world!

I hope this blog will help people to find themself and give them the willpower to follow their dreams and wishes.

Do not hesitate to follow me on my other social (instagram) to know me better.

Enjoy! And don’t forget, you are never too old to dream and start a new life.

By A. de Villepin